The first release of Vorple

November 20th, 2011

It’s finally here: The first release of Vorple.

Some features have been left out from the first release, most importantly tabs, accordions, local video playback and multiple-choice link popups. It’s arguably better to have fewer features that work correctly than a large array of shoddily implemented features. More features will be added gradually in later releases.

Internet Explorer support especially for older versions is still spotty, but it will be improved in later releases.

No doubt there are still things that don’t work as they should and the early releases are essentially beta releases. Some things are bound to change later on. (Especially the button module that’s both undocumented and rather cumbersome to use at the moment.) The project’s source code is at Github. Bugs can be reported with the issue tracker there.

Now that the Undum version is out, work on the parser IF version can start. More on that later.