Undum demos

Down the Rabbit-Hole

An overview of different Vorple features.

One With Everything

Showcases examples of all Vorple library features.

Inform 6 demos

The Inform 6 demos and their source code are included in the download package. For online demos, see the Inform 7 demos that are virtually identical to their Inform 6 counterparts.

Inform 7 demos

Published stories

Guilded Youth by Jim Munroe is a Vorple-enhanced Inform 7 story with sound effects and graphical elements. It took the third place in the 2012 Interactive Fiction Competition and won the 2012 XYZZY award for best NPCs. Its source code is available, but note that it uses an older version of Vorple (2.4) that had a slightly different syntax.

Extension examples

These examples are from the Vorple Inform 7 extensions and demonstrate a variety of things that can be achieved with the system. The extensions themselves can be downloaded from the Public Library from inside the Inform 7 IDE, and after installation their documentation can be read from the Extensions pane.

External resources (images, sounds, script files) used by the examples can be downloaded here.